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Daniel Ortiz

Is an Illustrator based in Aurora, IL


Daniel Ortiz was born in 1995 in Puruandiro, Michoacan, Mexico. Ortiz has already been included in various important exhibitions including Waubonsee Art Gallery at Sugar Grove, Illinois and Northern Illinois University College of Business at Dekalb, Illinois. Ortiz is the recipient of the Drinklings Moving Image Award Scholarship and has been accepted into the 2020 Society of Illustrators Student Competition in New York City, New York. Ortiz Currently works in Aurora, Illinois.  


Artist Statement:


My mission as an artist is to show a narrative that, at some point in time, we have all experienced or will experience. My work plays with the ideas of joy, beauty, family, and culture. Heavily influenced by the past, I explore warm moral values that have been fading in modern society. I strive to draw out intrigue and beauty of mundane moments and simple aspects of life. At its core, my art is an idealization of the human experience. 

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